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Our mission is to connect, inspire and empower young women to join us and ‘represent creative’ themselves. We do this by delivering authentic advice about creative careers, from women who are actually living them!

we showcase every creative journey

The lack of creative careers advice in education means we join the workplace without a clue of the variety of creative careers available to us. Represent Creative aims to bridge the gap and to dispel some of these mysteries by sharing our stories. 

we are tackling gender diversity

We are doing our part to close The Confidence Gap by giving the next generation of female, creative talent a group of approachable and relatable role models who they can identify and connect with. 

Answer the questions young women have about beginning a career in creative industries

Provide an authentic knowledge pool for creative professionals, students, parents and teachers alike

Put creative careers on the map, by sharing our advice and lived experiences

we exist to

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Jenni Evans

My background is in advertising - after studying a degree in creative advertising at Leeds Art University (it was Leeds College of Art back then) I spent 4 years working in new business at a top creative agency in London. 

In 2019, I took a career pivot and moved to a national charity where I used my creative and sales skills in a fundraising role. 

Now, I've stepped into social media marketing, working at a global agency as a senior new business manager.

I love all dogs, most books and am passionate about improving mental well-being and diversity in the workplace.

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