Be who you needed

when you were younger

If you're a woman, have a creative job and over 2 years experience

read on to find out how you can join our network

We represent creative by sharing our advice, resources and experiences in an open online forum. This is everything and anything - from the types of roles you never knew existed, the fact that your journey isn't linear (like EVERYTHING is at school), challenges that women face specifically, and of course all the shiny, glamorous 'behind the scenes' stuff too.

we showcase every journey

All you need to do to join us is share your story, and best of all, there’s no ‘wrong’ answer. We all have valid experiences in our own creative worlds. No matter if it’s one that’s just starting or one that’s seen many pivots and squiggles, your journey is important and should be shared.

we celebrate women

Through sharing our stories, we are doing our part to close The Confidence Gap. Giving new female creative talent a group of approachable and relatable role models who they can identify and connect with.


By boosting their knowledge and confidence we give young women ‘an in’ to a creative career which aims to address the drop off of women from education into the workplace.

we are powerful through collaboration

This isn’t one-to-one mentoring, so you can give as little or as much time to the project as you want. The minimum we all commit to is sharing a profile of ourselves on this website.

Beyond that, you can ‘drop in’ as often as you’d like. That could be the occasional answer to a question, video or written contribution, or if you want to be more hands-on in growing the group just give me a shout.

If you

  • are working in a creative career

  • a woman

  • have over 2 years of industry experience

why not join us?