Josie Colter, Marketing

I'm Josie, and I'm a marketing strategist and podcast producer

Describe your job

Thinking of ways to sell services / products and implementing these ideas.

What are the most important skills you need to do your job?

You need to:

- enjoy working with words and data - it’s a blend between art and science

- have a fundamental interest in the way people think and behave and how to influence this - have a strong interest in business and brands

- be able to work in teams and manage multiple stakeholders - thrive under pressure and work to tight deadlines - be weirdly passionate about one marketing artform and make that your niche - mine is podcasts

- have an eye for detail but also the bigger picture

- be able to justify your thoughts and plans - be good at arguing and backing up your point of view!

- be a talented linguist

- a grounding in art and design won’t do you any harm, either

I left school and...

studied English Literature at Uni, did an MA and a law degree whilst working as a freelance jazz saxophonist and at a bar, entered the world of pharmaceuticals brand management at an alternative cancer therapy startup, joined a luxury marketing + media agency, started at a big advertising agency for household brands, pivoted away from the world of conventional 9-5 and started freelancing to gain more independence and explore new ideas, started at a fashion innovation consultancy, began producing a podcast and marketing global innovation events, joined the world’s most well-known not-for-profit educational platform, started consulting for a cannabis consultancy and writing for a harley street surgeon, took on marketing at a behavioural science consumer insights agency, and brand consulting for a high-end vegan interior design business (in a nutshell)!

I’m most proud of...

Innovators podcast - the show I produce. One of the world’s top innovation podcast with over 270,000 downloads inspiring guests such as the inventor of the Apple Retail store concept and ‘Genius Bar’, CMO of Mastercard, and the inventor of the Amazon Alexa. This is where I really saw my skills in producing flourish.

Before I started my career, I wish I knew…

It’s okay to change direction, rip up former choices, and shift your focus.

Everything makes you stronger and wiser, nothing is a failing - and no-one remembers it anyways!

A mistake I made which you can avoid repeating is...

Snakes have many faces - a wise quote that my sister sent me off to University with as her single piece of advice. Interpret as you like.

So, what’s next?

- More awesome projects with nice people and ambitious businesses. - Develop my podcast consultancy. - Become a CMO at a cool brand.

- Launch my own interior design brand.

Here's my:

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