Let's talk about The Spotlight Effect

The Spotlight Effect is all about how much we believe people notice us.

*Spoiler alert* - we all think people notice us more than they actually do.  


It's not about being full of ourselves, it's a psychological default where we only see things from our own biases and individual experiences.  


For less confident people, it can negatively affect their performance because they constantly question abilities and decision-making.  


We've put together some handy tips to help you stop  The Spotlight Effect from getting in the way  of your progress and success!  

1. Remember people are paying half as much attention to you as you think.

2. Observe others reactions to you. Have they given you any real reason to think that they are constantly judging you?

3. Do what you would do if no one was watching. Try to remove any emotion about what other people think and trust your instincts!

4. What's the worst that will happen? The worst case scenario isn't ever as bad as you think and life if too short to hesitate. Trust your gut and go for it.

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