Lily De Meester, Digital Marketing

I'm Lily, and I'm an account manager

Describe your job

I am a junior account manager at a digital marketing agency in Vancouver. I am pretty new – I joined the small, talented team in January 2020. I still have a lot to learn, as my prior experience was in a very different field - even though the job title was the same! Our clients are mostly in tourism, with some in the charity and retail sectors too.

The role revolves around helping clients with their social media and digital advertising strategies. Daily tasks can be incredibly varied, and can include; creating content for social (both copywriting and capturing imagery), designing email marketing, managing and optimising client budgets, creating ad campaigns with Google and Facebook, collaborating with publications on sponsored articles, putting together and presenting ad strategy presentations, and research tasks such as conducting competitor analyses, and interviewing clients’ target audience groups.

What are the most important skills you need to do your job?

Time management skills (as with most jobs) and an understanding that as social media never sleeps, that you may have to be ‘online’ some evenings and weekends.

Being a ‘people person’ – a friendly nature and good communication skills are a key part of account management. And don’t knock any previous experience in hospitality and retail – these can provide invaluable skills in dealing with more challenging clients.

Decent English skills to help with copywriting.

A creative brain helps, in coming up with fun ideas for content.

An interest in social media and advertising trends.

A willingness to work in a team – every project is a very collaborative experience, and nothing is beneath even the most senior members of staff.

I left school and...

I moved to Leicester to do an Art & Design Foundation course, and then moved to Nottingham to study Graphic Design. I had an incredible 3 years, but in the end design wasn’t for me, and I took a year out to travel and work in hospitality to give me time to figure things out.

After an internship at a Graphic Design Studio as a Studio Assistant, I got a role at a fast paced Creative Photography Studio in London, and enjoyed a highly rewarding 3 years there doing account management in client services, and shoot production.

It was then time for another change – and I relocated to Vancouver, Canada in 2019. After travelling, I secured a job in social media and digital marketing.

I’m most proud of...

Everything I worked on at the photography studio was such a collaborative effort - between client services, production, photographers, stylists, models, art directors, and retouch. But, one of my favourite clients to work with was British stationary brand Paperchase. The shoots would take place over very full-on two week blocks, demand a high level of creativity, organisation, and very fast retouch turnarounds.


Client - Paperchase

Photography: Anko

Art Direction: Vikki Hirst

Styling: Louise Layne

Production: Beth Weld

I’m also pretty damn proud of upping and moving my life across the world to start a new adventure, which was slightly terrifying at the time. I was incredibly happy in London but sometimes the best things come from pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. Never let things get stagnant!

Before I started my career, I wish I knew…

Try to not give in to pressure - you don’t need to rush into anything. I’m 27 and because I have changed industries, have found myself back in a junior position. Everything I’m learning makes this totally worth it!

Don’t compare yourself to others and their progress. It might sound cheesy but everyone’s journey is different, life isn’t a race - and the most important thing is that you’re stimulated and happy.

A mistake I made which you can avoid repeating is...

I didn’t fulfil my potential at university, and fell victim of a lack of self-discipline and a bit too much partying! Having said that – my grade has not negatively impacted me since, so if you don’t do as well as you’d hoped, keep your head held high and go into your next endeavour with gusto!

So, what’s next?

I would love to see how far I could go within the digital marketing world, and will hopefully move steadily up the ladder. Now that I’ve been immersed in this industry I don’t want to change for a while - it’s such an ever changing landscape so things never feel stagnant.

I also hope to continue and develop my love of drawing. It’s a hobby that I have recently got back into and I intend to find time to set up an Etsy page to sell some of my artwork!

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