Mental health maintenance

Control vs Concern

It's #MentalHealthAwareness week, so we're bringing you some practical and positive tips to keep going when you might not feel your best 😯⁠

First, it's important to remember that no emotion is fixed. We put a lot of pressure on ourselves to reach a constant happiness, which isn't realistic. Know that whatever mood you're in - it won't last forever. Cherish the good and have patience when you're not feeling so great. ⚖️⁠

A useful way to focus on what's within our control are these two handy circles ⬆️⁠

1) Make a list of everything that's worrying you at the moment. This could be everything from 'when will this pandemic be over?' to 'what am I going to have for dinner?'. Write them down. 📓⁠

2) Draw some circles out, one inside the other like in this picture. Then, from your list of worries, write all the ones you have control over changing the outcome into your 'circle of control'. Everything else goes into the 'circle of concern'. 🔘⁠

3) In your circle of control, you'll have a list of things to focus your energy on because you can influence or change the outcome of them. Think of a few ways you might be able to resolve the worries you can control. 🧠⁠

Separating ourselves from our work

Creative work is very personal. This means that often creative people can struggle to separate themselves from their jobs 👥⁣⁠


It's so important to have pride in your work, whatever that may be, but remember - you are more than your career 💫⁣⁠


The incredible and talented Kirsten Obank has kindly shared what she's learned from her career so far in our first blog post 🧡⁣⁠


Check it out here

Make a list of positives

Often we can spend a lot of thinking time on things that have gone wrong, or things that are worrying us. 😖⁣⁠


This year's theme for#MentalHealthAwarenessWeekis Kindness. One person we often forget to#bekindto is ourself! To be kind to yourself today, try to free your mind of negative thoughts and focus on the positive ones 🧡⁣⁠


What was the peak of your week? Get into the habit of making a list at the end of the week of all the things that have gone great and bring those positive thoughts to the forefront 😍⁣⁠

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