Nat Morris, Advertising & Production

I'm Natalie, and I'm a head of broadcast traffic at an advertising agency

Describe your job

My role within the agency is to make sure our TV/Radio commercials get to stations (ideally) on time (to also air on time). Prior to this, I will liaise with the account teams and producer for each brand to make sure everything is on track and get updates from them.

If needed, I will make contact with the media agencies for media plans/updating them on what’s happening behind the scenes. I speak to TV channels almost every day, along with our distributor/subtitling company to make them aware of what work is coming their way.

When our ads have been internally and client approved, we then send them to an external company for official sign off as without this, no TV commercial can go on air.

If I foresee any potential issues on deadlines/playing out work, I will flag this straight away, and get a Plan B in place. As I say to the teams, we have to cover our backsides, so we are not caught out.

I am basically the last link in the chain of production, but without Broadcast Traffic, nothing leaves the building.

What are the most important skills you need to do your job?

You need a lot of patience - there's a lot of handholding at times!

Communication and common sense is key. Flag any potential issues that may come up on a job.

Being calm and trying not to panic if things go wrong.

If I make a mistake, I take ownership and work out the next best solution/Plan B. No pointing the finger!

I left school and...

I left school then I studied Media at the BRIT School. Passed my course, then got a job as a radio production assistant, I was at the company for 4 years. I was then headhunted by a voice over agency and stayed there for 7 years, heading up the team. From there I went to a distribution company doing TV Admin, I was then head hunted again to join the production company/current agency I am at now…I’ve been here 10 years this year!

I’m most proud of...

I’m proud of anything that I work on to get on air, regardless if it’s one small radio ad to 156 TV commercials for a well-known car manufacturer.

I would love to give further info on projects, but it’s all a bit top secret at the mo. Ahem...

Before I started my career, I wish I knew…

How crazy advertising/media actually is, but I love it.

A mistake I made which you can avoid repeating is...

Care about what you do, but learn to switch off.

I almost ruined my relationship at the time, working crazy hours and it also took its toll on my health. Your job is important, but so is your healthy/sanity.

So, what’s next?

Ideally sitting on a beach in Rio, drinking and getting a killer suntan. But for now, my aim is to continue doing good work and ideally learning about Broadcast Affairs…when I find the time!

I’d also love to be a mentor for kids, so that’s something I really want to aim to make time for. Please reach out if you want to find out more about the media and advertising industry!

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