Nichola Johnson-Marshall, External Communications and Career Coaching

I'm Nichola, and I'm co-founder of Working Wonder and head of external communications for a banking organisation

Describe your job

I am the co-founder of a start-up business Working Wonder, a career coaching and training consultancy which I run with my twin sister and fellow co-founder Calli Louis.

I also work as Head of External Communications for a banking organisation in a role-share role three days a week so I have another ‘work wife’, an amazing lady called Sherelle Folkes. In my spare time I am a mum to my nearly six year old son Stanley.

What are the most important skills you need to do your job?

Organisational skills, creativity, integrity, passion and drive, ability to focus on a clear purpose, listening, empathy, good communication skills, ability to lead, empower and inspire.

I left school and...

I went to university to study Communication & Media Studies. We were the first generation in our family to go to university and were not from a privileged background. I had always been fascinated by the media from a young age so had always hoped I would be able to work in the media industry.

I first had high hopes to be a journalist then found I had a natural passion for PR and communications.

I started working on the PR agency side which enabled me to work for clients across many industries and sectors then the second half of my career I moved in-house working for a host of national and international brands.

Most recently, I decided to pivot my career and re-train as a career coach and bite the bullet and set up my own company with my twin sister and in-built cheerleader.

I’m most proud of...

I’m really proud that after 20 plus years working in PR I decided to pivot my career, retrain as a career coach, throw myself completely out of my comfort zone and set up our own business, Working Wonder. And the best part of all this is that I am doing it with my twin sister, Calli Louis, at my side, an instant cheerleader!

Before I started my career, I wish I knew…

Always bring your true self to work.

Don’t change who you really are to fit into a workplace. Celebrate your uniqueness and remember they hired you and use it as your superpower!

One of our favourite quotes at Working Wonder is: “Be the person who decided to go for it”, we want everyone to feel empowered in their careers and to pursue their true dreams and passions.

A mistake I made which you can avoid repeating is...

Don’t stay quiet when you see a workplace that isn’t supportive of diversity, inclusion and belonging and if you want a more equal environment, you have to push for it.

So, what’s next?

I feel this next phase of my career is only just beginning and we have high hopes for the success of Working Wonder and the wonderful people we will get to support and empower during their career.

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