Rosie Parry, Writing

I'm Rosie, and I'm a copywriter

Describe your job

You know those marketing emails you delete without opening? Hi. I probably wrote that.

We get to write lots of fun things too - film scripts, radio scripts, manifestos, headlines, taglines, posters, social posts…

Basically, we come up with ideas and then convince people to spend lots of money on them. Easy, right?

What are the most important skills you need to do your job?

You need to be able to write. Which sounds obvious, but really means a lot more than can-string-a-sentence-together.

You have to find your voice. Once you’ve found it, you have to put it to one side and learn to develop different voices for different clients and write just as well in those.

You also need to be able digest feedback, of which there will be lots, and be prepared to fight for your ideas.

I left school and...

I studied English & Creative Writing at Goldsmiths. Then I worked in a brewery, because writing jobs are hard to come by. Then I freelanced as much as I could and built up a portfolio of work, which helped me get my current job.

I’m most proud of...

The work I’m proudest of has always been for a good cause.

Before I started my career, I wish I knew…

I wish I’d known Copywriting was an option. I had no idea it was a job until after I left university.

A mistake I made which you can avoid repeating is...

The most dangerous thing in the office? The ‘reply all’ button. Beware.

So, what’s next?

I’m just taking it a brief at a time.

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