Tiwa Lade, Theatre, Film and Television

I'm Tiwa, and I'm an actor and writer

Describe your job

Telling different stories over and over again aha!

At the moment- I'm developing one of my scripts into a TV series, so my day usually involves a couple of zoom meetings, re-drafts (And then more re-drafts lol), researching and in all honesty, countless moments of me staring into space.

What are the most important skills you need to do your job?

Resilience, confidence within yourself and the ability to not to take yourself too seriously.

I left school and...

I went to Drama School in New York at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. After graduating, I went to Nigeria where I started writing and completed my first play- 'EVERYDAY; which was taken on by a theatre company called ‘Oxzygen Koncepts’. On returning to the UK I joined the National Youth Theatre. I graduated from the REP company in January 2020.

I’m most proud of...

My first play RUSH was put on at the Barons Court Theatre.

The cast included Oseloka Obi, Hannah Dunlop, Eve Atkinson and Brendan Grace. Sound design by Ellie Smith

Here's some pictures from the rehearsal room:

Before I started my career, I wish I knew…

That it’s not necessarily talent that gets you through the door. Persistence and a positive attitude can actually do a lot!

A mistake I made which you can avoid repeating is...

Just because opportunities present themselves to you doesn’t mean that they are right for you.

In the past I have said yes to projects which then resulted in me not being available for a project that I might have been more passionate about.

So, what’s next?

I want to continue evolving as an artist. With each job I take on - learning something and having had a positive experience

Here's my:

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