Willow Thompson, Marketing & PR

I'm Willow, and I'm a marketing and PR manager

Describe your job

I work in Marketing and PR for a large travel company based in Berlin and I look after the UK market.

On an average day, I usually have a creative ideas session with my team where we come up with interesting and original campaign ideas, all around the topic of travel.

I write the content for these campaigns and project manage campaign delivery from start to finish, organizing any work we do with influencers, managing the creation of additional assets and coordinating the campaigns across eight different markets.

I then reach out to UK-based journalists and pitch these campaigns in order to secure coverage in major newspapers, magazines and online publications.

It's a great mix of individual creative work and focused writing, combined with teamwork and meetings/ phone calls with journalists.

What are the most important skills you need to do your job?

The main skill required is creativity, but creativity within a set of parameters. I have the freedom to come up with crazy ideas, but these must be aligned to the brand and also must achieve results in the real world.

Alongside this, empathy is really important. I need to step into the shoes of journalists, to understand what they are trying to achieve and find ways to collaborate and work together to both achieve our goals.

I left school and...

I graduated from Bristol University in 2015 with a degree in Psychology. I went straight into a graduate scheme in a London-based advertising agency.

I worked there for two years before moving into the tech startup space, taking on a challenging, more marketing-focused role at a London start up.

After one year, I took a career break and went travelling around the world for 8 months before moving from London to Berlin in 2018. This is where I live now where I work for a travel company as a marketing and PR manager.

I’m most proud of...

We recently ran a campaign that looked into different ways that cultures around the world find small moments of happiness and positivity in their day to day lives, especially during this pandemic.

Before I started my career, I wish I knew…

I regret not taking more time to work out what I really wanted from a role.

I was so focused on getting a job straight out of university that I did not stop to learn what the day-to-day realities are of certain jobs, in order to find something that suits my skills and temperament.

Even if you are working for a company that is really cool, if the daily role itself is not fulfilling, you will want to change, so I recommend taking some time to speak to people and find what would suit you before entering lengthy application processes.

So, what’s next?

I will stay in the content marketing and PR space. There are many side projects also that have been brewing over the past few months and I hope to find more time to pursue these.

I think it’s important to try and work on something other than just your daily 9 - 6 if you can possibly fit it in.

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